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I'm trying to make a physical sweeper out of a mega Loppuny but I'm having trouble with the EVs/Nature. The moves I want to have are as follows:

Hi Jump Kick
Drain Punch
Dizzy Punch

My problem is I want to have some Hp EVs in there (for hi jump kick), but I still want Loppuny to outspeed most enemies.

Also, let me know if there are any changes to move set I should make? Thanks!

I'm not very good at competitive, but if HJK misses you lose 50% of your HP. The more HP you invest, the more you'll lose at the same time. So if you invest in defense/special defense instead, you keep more bulk.
@Unknown Letter Q From someone who plays competitive a lot, let me say that most just take the chance to miss and deal with the HP loss if it happens. Also, Lopunny is VERY offensive and we want to capitalize on that by investing in offense.
Well yeah, but I'm saying IF you want to run a more defensive lopunny with hp/defense EVs like the OP said.
Of course, I apologize for my ignorance.. I just didn't consider that  since defensive Lopunny is basically non existent in competitive and probably wouldn't be very viable.
Thanks for your input guys! I think I'll just stick with a purely offensive Lopunny then. I don't want to risk being outsped by someone just because I was afraid of a 10% chance.
No problem!  And, good choice, I have a Mega-Medicham who knows High Jump Kick and it very rarely misses and when it does it isn't the end of the world

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Lopunny-Mega @ Lopunnite
Ability: Scrappy
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- High Jump Kick
- Return
- Ice Punch

EV Spread: By maxing out the Speed EVs and using a Jolly Nature, I made Lopunny as fast as possible. This is important because you want an offensive Pokemon like Lopunny to dish out hits first; by doing this, you minimize the amount of damage it will take. I used a Jolly Nature over others because it raises Speed while lowering Special Attack, which is fine because this set has no Special moves. I maximized the Attack EVs so Lopunny can hit as hard as possible and put the extra 4 EVs into Special Defense because most attacks aimed at it will be Special (Fairy and Psychic, 2/3 of its weaknesses, mainly use Special moves).
Moveset: Fake Out is an excellent move on Lopunny. It gains STAB, is good for chip damage and is essential for Lopunny to Mega-Evolve safely (if you didn't know, when a Pokemon Mega-Evolves it will use the Speed stat of its original form for that turn only). Fake Out, by flinching the opposing Pokemon, allows it to Mega-Evolve freely so it can utilize its better Speed the next turn. Return and High Jump Kick are two reliable, powerful STAB moves that hit all Pokemon bar Shedninja for neutral damage thanks to Scrappy. Ice Punch is a good coverage move that OHKOs common switch-ins to Mega-Lopunny such as Gliscor and Landorus-T.

As for investing in HP like you asked... I would not recommend this because not only does it not affect the amount of HP you lose (as High Jump Kick always makes you lose 50%, regardless of how much HP you have) it is usually not a good idea to invest in bulk on Pokemon that are offensive for these reasons:

  • It usually doesn't make a difference, as most offensive Pokemon have terrible defensive stats
  • It doesn't let you fully capitalize on their offensive prowess

If you have any other questions, please ask!

One more thing... I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but DB has a separate moveset page for every Pokemon. Please refer to that first, and if you can't find it or are still confused, then ask here.
Here is how to get to it. Let's say we are trying to find a competitive moveset for Golem, for example:
1. Go to Golem's Pokedex page
2. Scroll all the way down to the "Answers to Golem Questions" section
3. Click on the "What is a good moveset for Golem? question
4. If that question is not there or the answers don't answer your questions, feel free to ask here :)

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I really like this set. I had no idea the speed for Mega Evolutions work that way! I'll replace  Bounce with Fake Out. Would you say return is a better option than dizzy punch? I figured with STAB damage and such high Attack, it could take out most Pokemon, and those that it didn't, it would have a chance to confuse. But return has the more raw power aspect.

Oh and I had no idea about the  move set page. I'm pretty new to Database Could you reply with a link to it? Id love that.
@Dedenne-bot Thank you, but I meant the competitive moveset page, not the Pokedex. I edited my answer to show him how to get to it.
@sfeeny As for Return vs Dizzy Punch... Yes, Lopunny has high damage, but in competitive there are extremely defensive Pokemon too, and you're going to want all the raw power you can get to break through them. Also, you can't rely on the chance to confuse, as it is only 20%.
@Dedenne-bot Here is how to post pictures like that:
1. Go to this link: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/xyani/
2. Click the Pokemom you want
3. Copy that link
4. Click that green and white box above the space you're given to write your answer (next to the brackets)
5. Paste the link
Thanks! I'll be sure to use the pokedex and the question at the bottom for references in the future! And okay I agree I'll stick with return.
Sounds good!
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The ev spread I use for my lopunny is, 252 attack, 252 speed, jolly nature (+Spd, -S.Atk)
I know you didnt ask for a move set too but.. This is a good set:

Drain Punch-STAB and heals
Return-STAB and a good physical normal type move (also good cause it evos through happiness)
Ice Punch-Coverage
Fake Out-To be annoying ;)

Hope this helps!