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So i've beaten the Elite Four once, and I was going to get the Kanto badges, and came across the Safari Zone. The owner of the Safari Zone is apparently "Across the sea's and on a adventure." Could someone please help?

Oh also what Pokemon can be found in the Safari Zone?



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There is no Safari Zone in the Generation 2 games. The Safari Zone was added to its remakes, HG/SS which is west from Cianwood City.

The Johto Safari Zone made its debut appearance in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, where it was shown to be located northwest of Cianwood.

Johto did not have a Safari Zone in Generation II. However, an unused and incomplete map of the Kanto Safari Zone still exists in the code of the Generation II games. In its tall grass, there were no Pokémon, but some of them are available by fishing.


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The Safari zone is physically in the game, however it is inaccessible in generation two. It simply didnt fit in the game. It does however exist in the remakes.

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During the Beta development of Pokémon Gold and Silver the Safari Zone was added but it was removed in the Final version, maybe the devs haven't got idea to add Pokémons in the Safari Zone, so it was scrapped.