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In Pokemon Mystery-Dungeon gates to Infinity how do I get through Forest of Shadows with only a level 26 Pikachu and Tepig? We faint about half-way


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The Pokémon encountered here are Vaporeon, Pansear, Conkeldurr, Krokorok, Archeops, Druddigon and Deino with a Level range of 23 to 37. While Archeops is the strongest of Lvl 37, all other are below 30.
I suggest you should level up to at least level 30, and stock up on Oran Berries. Bring Totter Orbs, Slumber Orbs, Petrify Orbs, and Foe-Hold Orbs, etc. and use them whenever you encounter Archeops and/or Monster Houses.
It has 14 floors, with floor 3, 7 and 12 have rain, which means that Tepig will struggle and Pokémon will not be able to restore health as they walk.
Hope this helps!