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What typing-wise starter pairs would be the best to beat the game? I hate/like all the starters equally so I don't really care. I was thinking to start of with an axew, and my partner would be a pikachu, but I heard that you have to face hydreigon in the game and other bosses that are effective/resistant against lightning and dragon. I'm also not sure if you have to face kyruem, and that also may be a problem. Oshawott seems like a good choice, and so does tepig (even though I hate him the most) since he has an admittedly good typing when evolved. Try to answer as quick as possible, I don't care if its a personal opinion or not, I just want to play the game.

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No matter the mystery dungeon game, I always go for fire for the main character and water for the secondary. It just really adds to the emotion of the game. For red rescue team, blue rescue team, explorers of time darkness and sky I used cyndaquil amd named him blaze and used squirtle as my partner and I named him squirts. I actually cried at the end of the explores trilogy because when you use those Pokemon and you give them nicknames like that, it makes it very personal and I personally think it adds to the story. For gates to infinity I went with tepig (blaze) and oshawatt (osha). Water types always seem to be the clumsy but best friend Pokemon. Grass types just don't fit the character.

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As with all PMD games, you can only evolve after you've defeated the main story line.

After the player returns to Pokémon Paradise and completes one dungeon, both Pokémon and recruited Pokémon may now evolve if the player chooses to evolve them inside of dungeons. The leading Pokémon may also be changed as well.

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I would go for Axew/ Oshawott. Dragon Rage is really useful, since you will face overpowered enemies like Bravairy, which will barely take any damage from you; D-Rage will do 30 HP damage each time (not 40 since this is PMD). Oshawott will provide typing coverage, since Axew is weak to Ice; Tepig will work in place of Oshawott.

Considering three other Pokemon join your team later (idk if you mind spoilers so I'll leave it at that), the Dragon/ Water type combo gives the widest coverage in light of your future team.

Pretty sure there will be Ice TMs around as well, so Oshawott will be able to learn an Ice move to for more coverage.

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Axew as ur main guy because there isnt much you will run into tht hurts it badly beacuse its only dragon ice weakness and it has good attack
As your partner tepig beacaus it is bulky and covers your ice weakness that is the only thing you cant defend

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