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Pokemon Function: Wall

Ability: Shed Skin

Nature: Relaxed

EV Spread: 252 HP, 148 Def., 108 Sp.Def.'

Item: evolite


Rest-Only lasts one turn thanks to Shed Skin.

Toxic-Sets up stalling.

Thunderbolt-Type coverage.

Ice Beam-More type coverage. Utilizes "bolt-beam."

Would this work? I am not sure about Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.

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Even with evolite, I don't see this being used often competitively. A single weakness is nice, and one like Dragon is nice in lower tiers, but there are plenty of pokemon who can serve this same purpose and do so with better moves. It's useless against poison types, which are very common in the lower tiers. So it's just a sitting duck. One turn of sleep is nice (or having raised defense through Marvel scale), but not if it has to sacrifice a turn like that. It's got good support moves like Light screen and haze. Perhaps letting it use those moves instead of a simple toxistaller is the way to go.

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Agreed, I considered it at first, and even tested it out. It performed well below expectations.