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so I want to make arcanine's favorite curry (because it's my favorite fire type and favorite Pokemon on my team) so I would seriously like to know what it's favorite curry is so basically what ingredients do I need to make it (berries, spice mix, bread, etc) so if somebody knows please tell me because I want to feed my arcanine its favorite curry in Pokemon shield

What is the nature of your Arcanine?
feeding curry just increases friendship and gives exp, neither of which matter in pvp
But Pokemon still have preferences based on the nature, STP.

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What kind of Curry a given Pokemon likes depends on the Nature of that Pokemon. There is no one type that a whole specie likes -- it's as individual as any person.

To figure it out for your Arcanine, take a look at the stats its Nature modifies. This already correlates to certain types of Berries it doesn't like, and Curry flavorings follow the same pattern. Alternatively, if the Arcanine has a neutral nature (raises and lowers the same stat), it doesn't have a favorite, and likes all flavors equally.

See the Berries section on this page here on the site: https://pokemondb.net/mechanics/natures

ok my arcanine's nature is mild so it likes dry berries?
ok thanks