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It’s a fossil Pokemon, and all fossil Pokémon are extinct species. Turtles aren’t extinct, so I know it is some certain kind of turtle. What is it?

its probably some giant turtle that went extinct. not sure specifically though.

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The last line of extinct marine Pokémon consist of Tirtouga and Carracosta, which are based on the late Cretaceous giant turtle Archelon or its slightly smaller relative Protostega. Both turtles are known to be related to today’s leatherback turtle, which sports a leathery back instead of a solid shell. Archelon’s claim to fame is its titanic size at more than 4m (13 ft), making it the largest turtle ever to have lived in the sea, beaten only by the freshwater Stupendemys.

I got this from an article I read awhile back when I was studying fossil Pokémon. I looked back at it, and here you go.

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