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I'm playing platinum and I just finished the pokemon league... But My pokedex is 208/210 completed.
The blanks are:

No 59 (Cherim)

No 122(Hippopotas)

Can someone tell me where can I find trainers with them? Please not only place (eg. toute 220) but be clear (eg.north of route 220 etc).

Thanks for helping!

train em yourself

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Cherim, the 2nd Gym Leader has one so how did you miss that?

Hippopotas is found in the route below Veilstone city in the cave, it will be rare to see one though.

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I don't know I gave it to a friend to pass this gym but he might have cheated because I found a turtwig in my boxes and is probably Gardenia's one.. Can I find it somewhere else or I have to train a cherubi?
I think you do see another Cherrim but i dont know where, so train a Cherubi
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in order to see a hippopotas you need to have collected at least half of the unknown and go to the cave pb10 said.

if you havent seen cherim then something is weird because cynthia has it im pretty sure

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