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I was playing showdown, and this guy was with an urshifu only. I lost because I suck, (lol) but in the middle of the battle, he changed from single strike to rapid strike. Is this a glitch?


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I don't know if i saw wrong but I think it stayed the same.

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I believe this is just a sprite thing. The sprite was a Single Strike Urshifu when the team preview showed, but it was a Rapid Strike for the rest of the battle. This is probably just due to both sprites not being added for the beginning bit when you select your Pokémon.

Hope this helps! :)

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True, but the type changed too
It did? How?
During the whole replay it was Fighting/Water, Rapid Strike’s typing :/
Sorry actually on the side it called it fighting-dark, and on the battle screen it showed fighting water. Looked at the side first
Oh ok. Probably just a glitch, but that was a Rapid Strike Urshifu the whole time.
k thanks
No problem