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I just accessed the Tower by doing an international trade (with myself, lol). Can I unlock floors at the Unity Tower by using the C-Gear, or do I have to do it in the Union Room like the initial trade?


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Unity Tower has 130 floors each representing a country (being the amount of countries recognized by Geonet) and a ground floor. These floors are sorted alphabetically (in the language of the game). Access to each floor is granted upon interacting with players registered to each location.


Oops, didn’t read it right. From what I’ve seen, yes, you do need the C Gear.

When you make a trade with someone from a different region through the GTS or over WiFi, the region will appear on the list.


Since the C Gear allows you to use WiFi features and the GTS, yes, you do need to obtain the C Gear before you can unlock all of the Unity Tower floors.

Hope this helps! :)

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My question was whether I could use the C-Gear or needed to use the Union Room like in the initial trade to unlock the tower. Please edit your answer.

Edit: for people viewing the question, leave the source part of your answer as is.
Oh oops. Adding that in.
But the GTS was discontinued in Gen. 5, along with all Wi-Fi functions.
Yeah true. Maybe link trading? I’m not sure. Wasn’t able to find much on this.
On Bulpapedia, it says you can do the Union Room though.
Yeah a local trade.
Yeah, that is probably it then.
So yup.