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So I mean I have heard that like whimsicott was so good it was like banned or something. So why is it in NU? I mean I would think it would have to be pretty darn good to get banned.


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I believe it is becuase it isn't for doubles. Look at singles it's nu. Look at doubles it's ou. It's likely because of the fact that it has not very good support in singles. It's main boost is tailwind and other support moves (sunny day, charm, cotten spore, etc.) In singles, tailwind only has 2 or 3 turns after you set it and switch out. On the other hand, in doubles, it's instantly in effect with the other Pokemon on the field, and then it can switch if you want to have 2 Pokemon for the boost. So, basically it's because it was banned for vgc, a doubles format, and you were looking at its singles teir instead

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It has been banned in the Doubles format. With it being the only Pokemon to access Prankster and having so many good support moves like Fake Tears, Tailwind, etc. It is a massive threat that allows Pokemon like Duraludon to get one-hit KO's. In Singles, it can't do as much because you have to use you support move, hard switch into your sweeper, and pray that they don't switch or defeat you first.

TL;DR: It's niche in doubles that makes it broken, is very bad in singles.

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