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I taught my Cottonee Cotton Guard, evolved it, and accidentally replaced it with Hurricane earlier. Now I'm trying to get it back with the Move Relearner, but I can't? It just won't show on the list of possible moves. Is this normal?

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This is normal. Whimsicott has to have learned Cotton Guard while it was a Cottonee so it won't show up on the move rememberer because it is a different Pokemon. If it was still a Cottonee you'd have no problem getting Cotton Guard back.

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awwww well its gonna be a pain to raise another one
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That's because Cotton Guard can only be learned by Cottonee.
After evolving into Whimsicott, unless is already knew Cotton Guard, Whimsicott will never learn Cotton Guard.

The only possible way for it to learn Cotton Guard is to evolve while already knowing the move. So you missed your chance, sorry :/

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it did already know cotton gaurd, but i replaced it