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I have 2 grass types on my Sun team, I have Servine and Cottonee. I can't decide which one is better for in-game.

whats the rest of your team?
Torracat and Inkay.
I hate to say this, but prankster is an overpowered ability. It's worth the 48 point difference in the base stat totals. If your...um...grass-something type...has prankster, it's definitely better than Serperior.
Thanks! Cottonee was WAY over-leveled anyways.

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Servine - Serperior:

Servine is kind of OK. His speed, special defense, and defense are OK. His special attack and attack are, meh, with a stat total of 413. When he evolves to Serperior he gets a bit better. He has amazing speed, and his other stats are pretty decent, not the best though. Serperior has a stat total of 528.

Cottonee - Whimsicott

Cottonee is all around BAD. His stats are terrible. He has 27 base attack. 60 base defense. 37 base special attack. 50 base special defense, and 66 base speed. Cottonee has a stat total of 280. Whimsicott gets slightly better, his attack is still pretty bad. His speed is very awesome. His other stats are pretty decent. It kinda flows the same way with Servine and Serperior. He has a stat total of 480.

So lets compare the two. Both are very fast and have OK stats. But if you look at Serperoir, he has slightly better all around stats, and a higher stat total. So I would have to recommend a Serperior.

I hope this helped!

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Serperior is.. superior in this situation.
That pun was awful.

I love it.
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I'd say Servine overall because it has all around better stats. Servine generally does Whimsicott's role better than it. If you want some variety then go for Whimsicott but its only decent stat is speed so you would have to use a toxic stalling set or something. Whimsicott is more suited for competitive than in-game because of it's unique stats and ability. Servine on the other hand is generally a good all around Poke and could be used as a bulky attacker or a set up Poke.