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In-game and competitive


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I'm not too good with competitive play, but here is what I do know about the two moves.

Both moves have 90 base power, 100 Acc., and have the same base power of 175 when turned into Bloom Doom by using Grassium Z. But, Leaf Blade has 15pp, whereas Energy Ball has 10. Leaf blade has a heightened critical hit ratio, whereas Energy Ball has a %10 change of lowering target's Special Defense. Leaf Blade is a physical attack, whereas Energy Ball is a special attack.

Serperior has 75 base Attack and Special Attack, so it really does not matter which is stronger.
If it were me, I'd choose Energy Ball due to the secondary effect of lowering your opponent's Defense stat.

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As for in-game, it really doesn't matter which one you pick. Your call.
Leaf Blade has an increased critical hit ratio though...
Thank you very much.
Ok So personally I use a timid contrary Serperior, with this move set Giga drain leaf storm dragon pulse and taunt with life orb, if you want overgrowth i recommend jolly with leafblade instead of energy ball and just be creative with that atk moveset cause I dont know much. (Contrary Special Timid Giga Drain Leafstorm Dragonpulse Taunt Lifeorb) (overgrowth physical leafblade jolly and be creative)
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If you want to use Serperior in competitive, it's only good with contrary. If you're sure you want to use an overgrow Serperior, teach it leaf blade. Serperior can learn swords dance, which boosts the power of leaf blade by a lot but doesn't do the same for energy ball. If your Serperior has contrary, teach it leaf storm.
Note that overgrow Serperior is outclassed by Kartana.

In-Game: Pick whichever suits its nature, unless you're running a specific move like S-Dance or Coil with it.

Competitive: Get one with Contrary, breed for HP, Sp Atk and a little Speed. I have one that uses Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Wring Out and Dragon Tail, but there are some other options as well.
Wring out is generally a bad move. Dragon pulse and substitute are both better.