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I have a baby Tynamo at level one i want to start EV training in S.Atk EV's. Thing is I have no idea how to get started. I understand Litwick's and Elgyem's help you gain S.Atk EV's. Big question is how am i suppose to faint either of those 2 with a lvl.1 Tynamo? Walkthroughs and scenarios would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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My lvl.1 Tynamo has power lens and pokerus. All I have to do is have him as first in my party and just switch out? He still gets same EV's as if tynamo fainted the foe?

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You gain Effort Values by just being in battle, so you can start a battle with Tynamo then immediately switch to a more powerful Pokemon. If you fought a Litwick, both Pokemon would get 1 EV in Special Attack. You can also use Exp Share for the same effect.

The EV page has more details on how EVs are gained and some useful items you can use.

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you can first give it a power lens(if available).then you have to put it in the first place in your party.then switch your pokemon an faint litwicks and elgyems(it is faster when you have pokemon level 100).this is a good way to raise it for some levels.after that you can battle them by your tynamo.

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OR You can give it Exp.Share and kill the litwicks and elgyems with another pokemon . The exp.share also Shares EVs so it would be real handy !!

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by killing them!:D