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i want to know what is Ash's team in johto


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Pokemon that he had from Kanto when he travelled to Johto:
1. Pikachu
2. Bulbasaur
3. Squirtle (Released)
4. Charizard (Left at Charcific Valley, returns briefly for eight gym and Silver Conference)
5. Kingler (Briefly returns for Whirl Islands competition and Silver Conference)
6. Tauros (Briefly returns to Ash)
7. Snorlax (Caught in Orange Islands not Kanto, briefly returns)
Caught/ obtained in Johto:
1. Chikorita --> Bayleef
2. Cyndaquil
3. Heracross
4. Totodile
5. Noctowl [Shiny]
6. Egg --> Phanpy
Hope this helps! Comment if you find if I am missing something.
Source: Exp watching the original series and this

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