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because im thinking of a team


grimer or trapinch(which ever is easier to train and closer to the beginning of the game)



treeko(my starter)



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Treecko-he's your starter as you said, so he's found in the beginning obviously.

Whismur-Found in Route 106, Desert Underpass, Rusturf Tunnel, Victory Road. He can be obtained pretty early.

Grimer-He's found in the fiery path, but he's still pretty rare.

Trapinch-Found in Route 111 (Desert) and the Mirage Tower.

Makuhita-Found in Granite Cave Floor 1 & Basement 1, Victory Road Floor.

Vulpix-Found at Mt. Pyre in the Grass. This one will take some time to get to.

Corphish-Found on Routes 102 & 117, Petalburg City (Fish)

Vulpix will probably take the longest to get.

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lol the first pokemon i found in the mt.pyre grass was a lvl 29 vulpix.
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You can obtain Whismur very early in the game. It is obtained in Rusturf Tunnel

Grimer is obtained earlier than Trapinch in Fiery Path

Makuhita is also obtained early in the cave next to the second Gym.

Corphish and Vulpix are obtained later in the game, after the Sixth Gym so that is not early.