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It really doesn't make sense. How does having a combat from a close distance lower your mental defense and physical defense?


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While the other answer is correct, I'd like to add a bit more detail on why it lowers both defenses.

Physical Defense- when you're in combat, going closer to your target tends to make it easier for them to strike you. While kicks would be less effective at a close range, you can't deny that when you're in close quarters with your opponent during combat it's much easier for them to land strikes fully (therefore hurting more than, lets say, if a punch grazed your opponent). It is also harder to block strikes when you're attacking the opponent.

"Mental" (special) Defense- this certainly isn't as easy to justify as physical defense, but I have a theory. Generally, when you're fighting someone at a close distance, you tend to be completely focused on attacking the opponent as opposed to blocking strikes. You're a bit more prone to letting your mentality get in your way of protecting yourself, like dropping your hands to try to fire off punches faster. Again, this is just a theory.

Hope this helps! :)

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It is also possible that when fighting up close, you'll probably end up overthinking and in that instant, you might leave yourself open to attack. Either that or you'll have to make a lot of split second decisions when fighting up close and if you're not good at thinking that fast, press F
Makes sense too kyokasuigetsu
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Because it would be too strong otherwise.
Think about it, A 120 power move that ONLY lowers defense, which doesn’t help those poor special attackers? Thats broken. if a team has more special attackers, they are at a BIG disadvantage. They don’t think about making a move perfectly logical at all times.

Game freak has some really weird logic
Not every move needs perfect logic, Lyle
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If you're talking about why actually, not the competitive side but the realistic side, it's because of close range. My alakazam shoots a powerful shadow ball at machamp. Because it's so close, the damage is much greater, as it takes energy to move, making it weaker. Because it's so close, it loses less energy, and is more powerful