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Like this, HP: 128 / Attack: 252 / Defense: 64 / Sp. Attack: 0 / Sp. Defense: 64 / Speed: 0

like this, HP: 252 / Attack: 252 / Defense: 0 / Sp. Attack: 0 / Sp. Defense: 0 / Speed: 0

or like this, HP: 0 / Attack: 252 / Defense: 128 / Sp. Attack: 0 / Sp. Defense: 128 / Speed: 0

What is the rest of the moveset you're planning to use?
The best of the three you've listed might not be the most optimal EV spread for your purposes, in any case. You should quickly break the habit of only allocating EVs in factors of 256.
The moveset for my Aegislash in Showdown is

Shadow Sneak
Sacred Sword
King's Shield
Swords Dance

Item: Weakness Policy
Ability: Stance Change
I'd use the first one. And perhaps take some EVs from attack to give to HP or it's defensives. But that's just me.
SD Aegislash usually uses Speed so it can outpace pivots/walls like Corviknight.

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Based on your moveset, I would go with the second of those EV spreads. Your Aeguslash is clearly not meant to be a staller. Now, I would add 4 SpD EVs to that moveset and call that the optimal EV spread. Why 252 HP over Speed? You need to make sure to survive that super effective attack to activate that Weakness Policy. So, based on these reasons and your moveset, I would go 252 HP/252 Att/4 SpD.
Hope this helps!

Also, in almost every situation, it is better to invest in HP than both Defenses which is why I didn't choose the 3rd option.