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You breed by putting 2 pokemon of opposite genders in a pokemon daycare center. They must have the same egg group, which is just a category for every pokemon. Each pokemon has an egg group which is given on various websites. The egg will be the most de-evolved form of the female pokemon. and inherit TM moves from the male pokemon. many pokemon can learn certain attacks only through egg breeding, called egg moves. If both parents know a move that falls under the list for an egg move, the pokemon will know that move too. Suppose I want a cyndaquil. to know I would need a female pokemon in cyndaquil's evolution chain (cyndaquil, quilava, typhlosion) and I would need a male pokemon that has the same egg group as the female. Typhlosion's egg group is Ground, so I need a male pokemon that is also a ground egg group- for instance, Arcanine. So I leave them in the daycare, wait a while, then talk to the man outside the daycare center (he will be standing a bit farther out when he has an egg) he will tell you that the pokemon made an egg and ask if you want it. after this, you have to walk around with the egg until it hatches, and sure enough, you will have a new pokemon. They will be at level 5 in most versions (Lv. 1 in diamond and pearl) Also, the pokemon ditto is able to breed with any pokemon, the other pokemon will be the egg pokemon, not ditto. Some pokemon like metagross, are not able to make an egg, as they are genderless. Also, with the exception of manaphy, you cannot breed legendary pokemon.

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