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How do you breed the starters? (Gen 6)?

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I started a Nuzlocke on X (No flim, sorry) And I'm at a real struggle to find dark types my team is:
Quilladin - Fletchling
Espurr - Pansage
Audino - Squirtle
You have Squirtle. Why need a Dark type when you have Squirtle? Well, I've heard Delphox has a move that Pwns water types and Calem/Serena's Delphox sadly has it. What could I Use to breed Fennekin and Froakie? (Instead of Ditto + Starter)

SIDE QUESTION: What is the most common Dark type in X? Where is it Located?

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2 Answers

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Delphox doesn't have anything that can do massive damage against pure water types, so that massive pwnage move doesn't exist. You can look at Calem's team here.

For dealing with Delphox, you can cruise past the game if you over level. If you're playing with a level limit, then try and get a faster water type, or Mega-evolve Blaistoise.

As for breeding the other starters apart from your own, you can't until you've beaten the game (Shauna will give you the remaining starter, in your case Froakie), or you need to trade with someone.

Also don't ask side questions; ask them in a new question.

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Not true i'm not even close to beating the game and I breed Delphox,Charizard, And greeninja
Nvm I didn't see the trade part
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If I understood correctly, you need a female starter and another Pokemon in it's egg group.
Froakie egg groups: Water 1
Fennekin egg groups: Field
As for the side question it might be: Inkay ,Malamar

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