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I have been trying to breed a noibat with its two egg groups Dragon and Flying. I tried breeding it with a trapinch which didn't work and I tried breeding it with a Fearow and that didn't work either. I keep getting the message "The two prefer to play with other Pokémon more than with each other" or along those lines. I tried breeding with ditto and that worked so I have no idea. The reason I am breeding noibat is to get a modest noibat by giving the male parent an everstone to keep the modest nature and my ditto is not modest.

I'm pretty sure Noibat and Trapinch are in not in the same egg group.

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Yes, it can.

You need to find a Pokemon that likes playing with your Noibat to get eggs easily.

Two Pokemon not of the same egg group will ignore each other.
Two Pokemon of the same egg group, same species, or a Pokemon and a Ditto that all have the same trainer ID will not like each other very much.
A Pokemon and a Ditto or two Pokemon of the same egg group with different trainer ID's will get along okay.
Two Pokemon of the same species (I.E. Eevee) with different trainer ID's will get along fantastically.


Even if they don't like each other very much you'll still get eggs, it just takes longer. If it says "they prefer to play with other Pokemon", you won't get eggs at all because
1. They are incompatible (not of the same egg group)
2. They are the same gender
3. One of them is in the Undiscovered egg group.

So maybe double-check if your Noibat is the same gender as your Fearow/Trapinch.

Here is a guide to breeding in XY.

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In X and Y, Noibat is only in the Flying Egg Group, so that is why Noibat couldn't breed with Trapinch, as Trapinch isn't in the Flying Egg Group.
Source: https://www.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-x-y/Noibat

Fearow is in the Flying Egg group, so it should be able to breed with Noibat. The only reason that remains is that your Fearow and Noibat are the same gender, so make sure to check that.

Hope this helps!