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I know this was already asked, but the answer of the other question has mostly all Megas. Excluding Megas and Legendaries and available in gen 8, what are the best Pokemon of each type?

My strongest Pokemon I use for raids are in my battle team right now so I can't use them, so I figure I may as well create a raid shiny team.

Including Mythicals?
Excluding, sorry.

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Bug: Volcarona- 550
Dark: Hydregion, Tyranitar- 600
Dragon: Dragapult, Hydregion, Kommo-o, Goodra- 600
Electric: Magnezone- 535
Fairy: Togekiss- 545
Fighting: Kommo-o- 600
Fire: Arcanine- 555
Flying: Togekiss- 545
Ghost: Dragapult- 600
Grass: Tangrowth- 535
Ground: Rhyperior- 535
Ice: Vanilluxe, Lapras- 535
Normal: Snorlax, Blissey- 540
Poison- Venusaur- 525
Psychic: Exeggutor- 530
Rock: Tyranitar- 600
Steel Duraludon, Magnezone- 535
Water: Gyarados, Milotic, Kingdra- 540 (Wishiwashi-School Form has a BST of 620, not sure if it counts)

I've italicized the Pokemon that show up more than once since you're looking to build a team out of these, so it might be helpful to know what Pokemon are "Best" among multiple types.
I hope this helps!

Source: Pokemon Showdown Teambuilder

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Flying should be archeops at 567
Water should also be wishiwashi at 620
Asker specified "Available in gen 8," but Wishiwashi is a good catch. Thanks!
Oh oops, somehow thought archeops was in gen 8
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Rock - Tyranitar

Dark - Tyranitar / Hydreigon

Dragon - Garchomp / Dragonite / Salamence (CT) / Goodra / Kommo-o / Hydreigon / Dragapult

Steel / Psychic - Metagross (CT)

Water - Wishiwashi

Ghost - Dragapult

Fire - Arcanine

Fairy - Togekiss

Flying - Dragonite / Salamence (CT)

Normal - Snorlax / Blissey

Ice - Darmanitan

Electric - Magnezone

Ground - Garchomp (CT)

Grass - Tangrowth

Dark - Hydreigon

Bug - Volcarona

Poison - Venusaur

Fighting - Kommo-o (oops :P)

I think that's right.


Hope this helps! :)

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