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i dont have a grass type on my team, so i was wondering if this is a good choice


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unless it has sun support no psychic, ice beam, Shadowball and calm mind are good choices as is air slash

well, i can teach sunny day to a pokemon.. but i guess the only one that i have that's able to that is emboar. my sigilyph has synchronoise (i was going to replace this one), fly, air slash and psychic
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Well, depends on the rest of your team. Sigilyph has a high spec. attack, but solarbeam is a two turn move. If one of your pokemon has sunny day i would suggest it.

my team is emboar,krokorok,fraxure,carracosta and eelektrik
Pretty good well-balanced team, teach sunny day to maybe emboar.
Does one know sunny day?
Here's a little tip-your team could probably work out best as a trick room team.
well, in that case, what move should i delete? my emboar is at level 54, with hammer arm, focus blast, flamethrower and head smash
Focus blast.Bad spc atk and well it isnt very reliable.
okaay, thank you all :)
Exactly what Ike said.
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Like said before, the only reason you'd want it is if one of your Pokemon have sunny Day. My strategy is to have a Fire type with fLamethrower and Sunny Day and then swithch into the SolarBeam Pok3emon, bur since your using Sigilyph, SolarBeam is not STAB (Not forgetting its a two-turn move)...

However, it Covers its Rock weakness, but Id prefer energy ball for that.

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My Sigilyph has energy ball but if I had a sun supporter every pokémon in my team would have solarbeam.