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I’m confused to why I can’t use my garchomp in ranked for sword and shield, the build for it goes as such: 252evs ATK 252evs SPD 4evs HP it’s also from Alola and I personally bred it myself and it has perfect IVs. Also my move set is Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, Iron Head, and Crunch.

Weird moveset but ok

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You can't use Grachomp on any Crown Tundra Pokemon in Series 6. The Series 6 banlist and all new Crown Tundra Pokemon will return to ranked starting November 1.

Edit there is a man in the Battle Tower you need to talk to to give Garcomp the Battle Ready symbol. It will forget all moves and learn the newest 4 level up moves.

Experience and reading the Series 7 ruleset.

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You can only use Pokémon captured in the galar region for ranked battles.