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I'm pretty curious cuz I may want to include it in my team. I want to know what it is capable of doing.

I'm not sure but I do know that it's fallen from usage considerably, so whatever it's doing is apparently less impressive.

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The other answers are pretty nice, but I wanted to add something to them.

Garchomp is a pretty nice Pokémon in USM OU, because of a lot of reasons. With access to Swords Dance, a comfortable speed tier and cool coverage moves, Garchomp is one of the best wallbreakers in the meta. It is also a great Stealth Rock setter, as it can pressurise common Defoggers like Zapdos and Tornadus-T with a Z-Move. It's also a great tank, checking threatening Pokémon such as Hawlucha, Heatran, Scizor-Mega and Excadrill, weakening them heavily or chipping them with the combination of Rocky Helmet and Rough Skin. Even the tank set is a great Stealth Rocker, as it can pressure said Defoggers as well as other with Toxic, putting them on a death timer. You can also run Garchomp-Mega, which has added bulk and firepower, it's extremely difficult to check as its STAB moves deal a lot of damage to almost everything, and it also gets lots of opportunities to set Swords Dance too.
Garchomp's most common set is the offensive Stealth Rock setter one, and for good reason. As I mentioned before, it can threaten common Defoggers and set Rocks on their face, making it a premium choice for a lot of Bulky Offense and Hyper Offense teams. The set also runs Swords Dance, so breaking would-be checks like Clefable, Ferrothorn and Celesteela becomes easier after a boost. Garchomp forces a lot of switches, so you would get ample of chances to set Rocks, and clean mid- or late-game with Swords Dance too.
Then comes the tank set. Tank Garchomp is a nice choice on some Balance builds which struggle against Hawlucha and Heatran (plenty of teams have an issue with them), as it can take care of them very easily. As it can switch usually for free on Heatran, again you'll be getting lot of opportunities to set Rocks throughout the match. While it doesn't have the luxury to run a Z-Move, it's compensated bu Toxic, which is something any Defogger would have to be wary of, as nothing likes to be put on a death timer. Even without investment, Earthquake hits pretty hard, and Chomp has coverage moves such as Fire Blast which takes care of Scizor-Mega, Ferrothorn and Kartana. The speed tier also helps it a lot, as with maximum investment it outspeeds Medicham-Mega, Charizard-Mega-Y and Bisharp among others, and can heavily damage them or outright KO if they're weakened.
Now we come to its Mega evolution. Garchomp-Mega is a bit underwhelming, because of its lower speed tier, as it can get picked off easily by the aforementioned Medicham-Mega and Charizard-Mega-Y pretty easily. But still, it's pretty threatening with Swords Dance, and a mixed set with Stealth Rock is also a great hazard setter.

All in all, Garchomp has lot of uses in the USM OU metagame, and it has a lot of versatility too, so you can mould it in accordance to your team.

Hope it helps.

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Garchomp is my man, my go to Pokemon so I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna have fun answering this XD.

My current Garchomp is boosted in its attack and speed so it can quickly take out an opponent or make a huge hit, this is what usually run on a Garchomp to make it faster and a hard hitter. I usually ran a mega stone on it but people usually scarf it to make it incredibly fast so it can attack before the opponent has a chance to retaliate. My mega Garchomp has earthquake, dragon claw, swords dance, and I put substitute on it but it can replace that with iron head to deal with fairy type Pokemon. I use my mega Garchomp in both doubles and singles. I set up the swords dance when either I know the opponent is going to set up or switch out cuz of weakness. Garchomp is more than often used as a "sweeper" Pokemon seeing its high attack and speed stats. So in all, you can't give garchomp a moment to breath you have to hit it as hard as you can cuz it can go for a swords dance and possibly sweep your team. Garchomp's best current counter is Alolan Ninetales seeing as it is both ice and fairy and not only that but it can possibly out speed if garchomp isn't scarfed. Garchomp is a very powerful Pokemon that can be used to quite literally take out a whole team if your not careful. Also another note, if Garchomp mega evolves then it'll become much slower meaning you may be able to out speed and K.O. it but its defensive stats are also increased so you may want to hit it hard.

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I don't think that Mega Garchomp is good in Gen 7 OU due to sand teams not being used nowadays in OU. I know that Garchomp is suitable to be a sweeper, but what use does it have in Gen 7 OU? What does it check that make it so usable in Gen 7 OU? You are not answering my question.
I have from what I'm understanding what the question was so how about be a little more appreciative?  And Again his role is a sweeper and he doesn't "check" many things he's, again, a sweeper and if theres something wrong and hes in a bad type match up, other Pokemon help check his weaknesses. He can sometimes be use to tank an ineffective hit but other than that he is used to take out Pokemon with ease. So yes I have answered your question.
The question wasn't 'how to be more appreciative'

It was 'How good is Garchomp in Gen 7 OU'

All sweepers check things. It's called offensive synergy. How good a sweeper is can be measured by how many top tier threats it can check via it's offensive pressure and synergy. If Garchomp could literally check nothing then it'd be almost unusable.

You should start by being specific - what does Garchomp defeat that is important? Why is Garchomp better than other, similar sweepers? How easy is it to support? How much support does it offer? How much variation does it bring? How much coverage does it have? How easy is it to team-build around? How easy can it be dropped into teams?

You don't have to answer all of these because that could take a long time, but just a few of these would help.

Tl;dr your answer isn't specific enough.
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Garchomp, being a psuedo-legendary, has a great stat spread, amazing movepool, and great typing make it one of the powerful and versatile. Its great typing and above average defensive stats make it hard for you to take it down without powerful super effective moves, and allows it to switch in and deny Volt Switch, with can be useful. It's ability Rough Skin is basically free chip damage on all direct contact users. It's so versatile, you can run it Scarf, Life Orb, Mega, Rocky Helmet, and with it's large movepool it can run a lot of different Z-moves. It can be run tanky or very offensive and can be easily added to any team.

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Don't forget that it's fast and resistant to stealth rock.
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This anwser is not full enough. Thanks for pointing out Rough skin and Rocky Helmet. I Guess that's another good set for chomp now. It does have good stats but what makes it so usable in Gen 7 OU other than the things you pointed out? Is there a particular common threat that it checks very well? And sumwun thanks for pointing out. And I don't think Mega or Life Orb is good for it.