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Garchomp has higher HP, Defense, Special Defense and Speed. It can actually use both of its STABs. It isn't weak to Urshifu-R's Surging Strikes, nor weak to Toxapex's Scald. It can use Rocky Helmet sets better because of Rough Skin. Then why is Lando Preferred more?

Lando's possible advantages include having Intimidate, being a reliable check to Tapu Koko, and access to Roost. That's all.


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This is mostly just a matter of what they can do. Those two comparisons you made is mostly about utility Landorus and tank or spdef Garchomp. The reason for this is Lando has more tools to play with than Garchomp does. Uturn, kncok off, defog, among others. Aside from utility, Lando provides the crucial electric and ground immunity all in one slot and its typing can easily be covered by all the bulky waters running around. Lando's access to nearly all of the utility moves one can dream of is what makes it the bread and butter of ou. Garchomp only has access to rocks and toxic I guess which Lando also has. Most crucially is that Landorus is not weak to fairies like Garchomp is. Landorus' two immunities, utility moves and the best ability in the game is what makes it way better than Garchomp is

Of course, this only applies to their utility sets. When it comes to offensive sets, Garchomp is leagues beyond Landorus. It's arguably the most dangerous Pokemon in ou because it has two unique advantages which I wrote in detail here. I would say that even in smogon tournaments, Garchomp is fairly underexplored since lefties seems to be the standard and no one really abuses the fact that it bloody resists stealth rock. I'm just gonna tldr the post I made there but Garchomp is the only common offensive Pokemon that has more options than everything else thanks to its resistance to rocks and non spammable stabs

Also, Landorus doesn't have access to roost. If it did, this thing would be a nightmare. Imo, utility Garchomp = just use Landorus while offensive Garchomp > offensive Landorus. They both have their own advantages but since ou has a lot of offensive mons and because of Garchomp's limited utility, Landorus is preferred over it. Watching Urshifu kill itself may be very amusing but Urshifu isn't on every team which only further limits tank Chomp's utility. In all honesty, I don't even get the point why this set still exists

And for the love of all that is unholy. Don't use lefties of Garchomp. It's such a huge waste of Garchomp's potential since to an extent, it can mix and match its own counterplay that isn't Mandibuzz or Togekiss

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Yep, even I wonder why the heck people don't use Garchomp on offense. So, if I want an offensive ground type, Garchomp it is?
Hell if you need a setup sweeper on the team, just use Garchomp. Every other setup sweeper just sucks since they require as much support. Just don't use Garchomp as your main wall breaker because you are gonna fail spectacularly if you do
My main wallbreaker is Scarf Kartana. That guy is a monsta
If that's the case you might as well use mix Chomp since it can kill Corviknight for Kartana. I made an optimized spread for it in the ou spread compendium thread
Landorus also has intimidate.
Intimidate and Rough Skin are both great abilities, and even though Lando-T gets a relief with Intimi, idts that it's a very big of a thing.
Intimidate, afaik, is only decent against Garchomp and opposing Landorus. Even after reducing their attack, Kartana and Rillaboom still murders you and you are not going to slow down Weavile or Urshifu at all. That's why Landorus is mostly going spdef these days to better check Koko, Dragapult and Heatran
On bulky offense teams, intimidate is still useful for letting a teammate counter an opposing physical attacker.