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It just makes NO sense.

Is it the 10 POINTS difference in speed?
Lando-I has higher Special Attack and Speed, allowing it to be an absolutely brutal special attacker with Sheer Force. Lando-T doesn't have as good Special Attack, and it's slower too. It gets Intimidate, but not Sheer Force.
Oh wow.
I'm pretty sure Lando-I is not a very common sight to see in Ubers though. Lando-T gets more usage, in terms of the tiers they're in.

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Reasons Landorus-Incarnate is superior:
-Superior Speed

”A unique Speed tier lets Landorus outpace common foes, such as Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Xerneas, and Yveltal. This lets Landorus viably run a Rash nature to make its attacks even more powerful.”

-the amazing Sheer Force as an ability
-A decent Special Attack making it viable as physical, special, or even mixed
-The superior Special Attack to Incarnate allows it to utilize it’s great special movepool

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help
The primals aren't in Gen 8 Ubers. Xerneas is almost always going to be running Geomancy Power Herb, so that niche is gone.
The asker never specified the gen.
A Pokemon's tier has nothing to do with how good it is in Ubers. Blissey and Ferrothorn can beat some common threats in Ubers, but they're still OU.
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Landorus-Incarnate is in Ubers because pairing Sheer Force with Life Orb removes the recoil (on moves with secondary effects.) It has a STAB Earth Power that cleaves through lots of defensive Pokemon. It slams Toxapex, the most common defensive mon. Ferrothorn has a great chance to be knocked out by 2 Life Orb Sheer Force Earth Powers after Stealth Rock. However, clever players can predict a Ferrothorn switch in, and if they do, Focus Blast will either OHKO it after Rocks, or it will put it in Earth Power range. Even the mighty Blissey wouldn't like to face a Focus Blast. Forget about Clefable, Sludge Wave has more than a 30% chance to OHKO. Notice how I italicized defensive, these are your best bets for defense, and they crumble to Landorus-I. The Crown Tundra OU metagame is much more offensive, which means more prey for Landorus-I. This lack of safe switch-ins is the main reason why it was banned from OU, putting immense strain on teambuilding.

Landorus-Therian is the most popular Pokemon in Gen 8 OU, and that doesn't seem to change anytime soon. However, it isn't Uber material. It has an average Speed stat for an offensive Pokemon, while Landorus-I has good Speed. A max 309 Speed means Landorus-T is outsped by Tapu Lele, Spectrier, +2 Magearna, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Barraskewda, Swift Swim Kingdra, and some other things. Choice Scarf is an option, however it means Landorus-T can't use Swords Dance to break past walls. It also means it can't use Stealth Rock or Defog very effectively. It also has to work for KOs, as Ferrothorn, Clefable, Corviknight, and a few others wall it or can switch in.

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