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If not, I might have to adjust my EV spread. I tried looking for a speed calculator, but I couldn’t find one. If you know of one, please provide a link in your answer. Keep in mind this is assuming the opposing Tapu Koko is Timid with 252 Speed EVs.

Just use Showdown!'s damage calculator. It calculates each stat for you.

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Max speed Tapu Koko has 394 speed at level 100, or 200 speed at level 50, and those numbers drop to 262 and 133 respectively after a -1 adjustment from Rock Tomb. Landorus-T with that spread only reaches 225 at 100, or 115 at 50, which falls well short.

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That’s unfortunate. I guess I’ll just need to bring a scarf Nihilego to check Koko.