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So I use this Tapu Koko for catching Pokémon:

Tapu Koko
Level 100
Item: Tapunium Z

Nature’s Madness
False Swipe
Thunder Wave

If you use the Z Move, the opposing Pokémon will lose 75% of its health. You can whittle it down even further with Nature’s Madness (opposing Pokémon loses half of its HP) then use Flase Swipe and Thunder Wave and throw some balls. It seems so good, but why do YouTubers use like Focus Sash item swap and other complicated stuff?

MOst use it for comp
Nature's madness is just a weaker false swipe. There's no reason to use Tapu Koko over other Pokemon that learn thunder wave and false swipe, but can also learn an additional useful move, like hypnosis (Gallade) or block (Cobalion).
What I meant was to cut its HP down enough to use False Swipe
i use a simular set. exept i have thunderbolt instead of roost for sos battles.
Good to know someone else is using it!
Why can't you cut the HP down with false swipe?

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I don't think there's a good reason to dedicate a whole move slot and item slot to nature's madness when you can get the same effect by using false swipe a bunch of times.

Also this is my 1000th answer!

I need to get a life.

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