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I am asking what terrain is better for Hawlucha. And Tapu Fini doesn't get here, because 7.8 Too much water.
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I don't know, but not Tapu Bulu. Since Grassy Terrain only heals Pokemon on the ground, Hawlucha won't get healed(although it's technically on the ground)due to its Flying Type.

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I would recommend Tapu Lele.

Tapu Lele is a fairly fast and very hard hitting special attacker that can cover all of Hawlucha's weaknesses with it's main STAB and Shadow Ball (if you want to hit Psychic-types super-effectively, but doesn't necessarily need it). Hawlucha can cover Tapu Lele's weaknesses with Flying- and Fighting-type attacks, one of which super-effectively. Tapu Lele's Psychic Surge does make Hawlucha more susceptible to Psychic-type attacks (which can be countered with Shadow Ball), but more than makes up for it by stopping priority attacks such as Fake Out, Ice Shard, and Extreme Speed that would usually pose a problem for a fast and frail Pokémon like Hawlucha. These two compliment each other very well an will be a formidable force for your opponent to face! Have fun battling with them!

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You do realize that psychic surge won't stop priority attacks aimed at Hawlucha because Hawlucha is flying, right?
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Grassy Surge creates a low-lying grassy field, like the move Grassy Terrain, when the Pokémon enters battle. It restores the HP of grounded Pokémon each turn and increases the power of Grass type attacks. Psychic Surge creates a low-lying psychic field, It prevents high-priority moves being used and increases the power of Psychic type attacks. Electric Surge creates a low-lying electric field, like the move Electric Terrain, when the Pokémon enters battle. It prevents grounded Pokémon from falling asleep.

Electric Surge. Electric Surge can be good to stop Spore, Sleep Powder, etc., but if the opponent has an Electric type move powered up by Electric Surge, it just might be enough to OHKO Hawlucha.

Psychic Surge. Psychic Surge is good to stop F.E.A.R. Pokemon, and if your Hawlucha has a setup like, if it has the Focus Sash and uses Swords Dance Psychic Surge can also stop the opponent from stoping you with Quick Attack, but Psychic Surge also powers up Psychic type moves, which agian, Hawlucha is weak to.

Grassy Surge. Grassy Surge isn't good for anything (lol).

I think Electric Surge would be the best for Hawlucha.

Hope I helped.

You do realize that Hawlucha doesn't become immune to sleep because it's flying, right?
I know right, both answers have this problem :/