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Doubles VGC 2021 format. Which one is more preferable and please provide reasoning.

depends on whats your team
Rillaboom can gmax, and has priority with glide. Rillaboom is also good offensive with life orb, a bit weaker but flying move is acrobatics, a bulky version with AV, and fake out support. Bulu has the ability to underspeed all the tapus, therefore getting it'sterrain up, while rillaboom has to normally run no speed evs and possibly something like 30 ivs in speed (assuming most finis have 31 speed ivs) Tapu Bulu does not have access to good stab though unfortunately, and while it has better attack and more defense and sp def, I think rillaboom is better overall. Main reasons are priority, fake out, okay bulk, and the ability to gmax.

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Rillaboom is generally better

Higher Speed
Higher HP
Better movepool with access to Grassy Glide, Fake Out, U-Turn, High Horsepower, Knock Off, Superpower and Wood Hammer

Tapu Bulu:
Higher Attack
Higher Defence and Special Defence
Lacks physical Fairy STAB
Movepool in Close Combat, Wood Hammer, High Horsepower and Protect.

So, I would definately say Rillaboom. Wofle Glick (WolfeyVGC) used it in his Player's Cup Two winning team.

Rillaboom @ Assault Vest

EVs: 140 HP/252 Atk/84 SpD/4 Def/28 Speed
Adamant Nature

Fake Out
Grassy Glide
Knock Off

My personal set, but Banded versions are also great.

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After some testing on showdown, I came to realise that Tapu Bulu's myriad of weaknesses was its biggest downfall. Nice response too!