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If I buy a 2DS XL can I buy an Ultra Moon copy online and play without a physical cartridge? Would I need something to make it work? Perhaps an SD card? And is it a standard SD card or something specific for 2DS only


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Yes you can. You would need to add funds to your nintendo account on the ds and download it. Make sure the the sd card has enough space for the game. Ultra moon has about 3.6 gb. If your sd card is over 32 in size, you'd have to format it to fat32. I never tried the last part myself since I never used an sd card over 16 gb

Source: Experience, except the sd card size part

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Thanks a lot, now just need to find out about the SD card size, gonna buy a refurbished from Nintendo USA
What will happen when we use NTFS card?
(I never tried it!)