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To max out Dusclops defense to 394, do i have to have a defense nature plus EV train it in defense?
Because if it's enough to do/have one of them i have an idea to make dusclops defenses alsomt like shuckles.
if i first max out dusclops defense to 394 at level 100, give it an Eviolite wich boost both defenses 50% wich would make Dusclops Defense (hopefully also Sp.Def if this works) to 591!!

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This is the formula for stats:

To max a pokemon's stats you must have:

-31 IVs in that stat.

-252 EVs in that stat.

-A beneficial nature. ( for defense, you would need Bold, Impish, lax, or relaxed)

-Be at level 100. (you can set DS wifi battles to do this part for you)

(Max HP requires everything here except for the nature, since there is no HP nature.)

Thanks a lot DT!
btw you don't happen to have an idea get Dusclops ultimate Defenses?
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If you literally want to max out Dusclops' Defense stat, than you must have:
- A Defense boosting nature
- Max IVs in Defense
- Max EVs in Defense (252)
- And since it's a Dusclops', the hold item Evilolite of course

If you just want your Dusclops' to have the best potential in Defense and don't plan on re-breeding, just have everything except the max IV's in Defense.