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The "Jungle of Jewels" is supposedly a third part of the expansion pass, which is supposedly Zarude's home. Has Nintendo actually confirmed this and is it even real?

This is another "Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus" moment
Why is this tagged 'zarude'? This doesn't have anything to do with it, it should be tagged 'DLC-3', or something like that. You have 100 points, you can make the tag even if it is not there.
They will probably never release anymore DLC for sword and shield because they are releasing a physical copy of the game with the DLC in it.

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The Jungle of Jewels is not real, this is a rumor from a Youtube video, as it is not confirmed, but is fake. Right now, Game Freak and Nintendo have not told us that this is coming or real. In the video, he said that this is only a rumor, it may not be real. If this was real, we would've gotten some kind of notification, right? This is fake and only rumored by fans.


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