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Say if I had a Koffing in Sword and Shield and I wanted it to evolve into a Kantonian Weezing instead of a Galarian Form, how would I do that? I know with breeding you can use an everstone but you can't evolve a Pokemon holding an everstone. Same question with Cubone and Alolan Marowak.

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But..... we can't evolve a Pokémon to change its form it'll stay as Galarian Weezing or Alolan Marowak!

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain Kantonian Weezing without having bought the Expansion pass. An exception to this is if you would transfer Weezing from an earlier game to SwSh. Like Alphacelestius said, evolving a Pokémon will still have the final result be its native form, not considering generation 7. If you have the Expansion Pass though, you'll need to have captured Galarian Weezing first. You have to look for a NPC called 'Regina.' Her possible locations are:

  • Brawlers' Cave,
  • Challenge Beach,
  • Challenge Road,
  • Courageous Cavern,
  • Fields of Honor,
  • Honeycalm Island,
  • Insular Sea,
  • Potbottom Desert,
  • Soothing Wetlands,
  • Stepping-Stone Sea,
  • Training Lowlands,
  • Workout Sea

The only way to get Kantonian Weezing is to trade your Galarian Weezing with her. She asks for random Pokémon to trade for, which means that you should be prepared for if she asks for another Pokémon than Weezing. According to this reddit thread, If you have finished the Isle of Armor Pokédex you can buy Apricorns from a lady with a blue shirt, this will change Regina's location. It's unsure if this also changes her Pokémon.

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Thank you. I already had a Kantonian Weezing I was just curious.