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I'm asking this question for the following:

a). I'm curious.
b). I want to put all of the Pokemon in "catergories" so that I know for when filling the pokedex which Pokemon needs what
c). I think this is pretty important for people who just started playing Pokemon and want to know all about Pokemon.

I just answered Primal Shadow's question about evo now I will answer your's lol
ok thanks darga

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Here they are:

Clamperl (Deep Sea Scale/Deep Sea Tooth)
Dusclops (Reaper Cloth)
Electabuzz (Electirizer)
Feebas (Prism Scale)
Magmar (Magmarizer)
Onix (Metal Coat)
Poliwhirl (King's Rock)
Porygon (Upgrade)
Porygon2 (Dubious Disc)
Rhydon (Protector)
Scyther (Metal Coat)
Seadra (Dragon Scale)
Slowpoke (King's Rock)
Spritzee (Sachet)
Swirlix (Whipped Dream)


Hope I helped!

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what about the items?
Sure, I'll add them. Wait a sec..DONE
thanks, Darga!
No problem!