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Retro gamers are getting rare these days. At least I'm still not alone...
You know you've playing Pokémon for a long time when Gen IV is considered retro.
A lot of trainers I assume.
Do you want us to include trainers in the Battle Frontier as well?
No need for Battle Frontier trainers. I need the list for items that I can steal and keep with Thief.
Tricksy, tricksy little tachyses.
Consider how long it took those trainers to farm those items. It's very rude to just take six hours of work from somebody for your own benefits.

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I believe this to be a massive list, however I currently have this small list of useful items.

Light Ball - Red's Pikachu
Lum Berry - Lance's Salamence
Wacan Berry - Clair's Gyrados
Leftovers - Wild Snorlax
Iron Ball - Blue's Machamp
Black Sludge - Koga's Muk
Leftovers - Koga's Swalot
Sitrus Berry - Bugsy's Scyther
Lum Berry - Whitney's Miltank
Sitrus Berry - Morty's Gengar
Sitrus Berry - Chuck's Poliwrath
Sitrus Berry - Jasmine's Steelix
Sitrus Berry - Pryce's Piloswine
Sitrus Berry - Claire's Kingdra
Sitrus Berry - Will's Xatu
Sitrus Berry - Koga's Crobat
Sitrus Berry - Bruno's Machamp
Sitrus Berry - Karen's Houndoom
Sitrus Berry - Lance's Dragonite
Sitrus Berry - Lt. Surge's Electabuzz
Sitrus Berry - Sabrina's Alakazam
Sitrus Berry - Erika's Bellossom
Black Sludge - Biker Dale's Gulpin (Route 17)
Sitrus Berry - Janine's Venomoth
Chesto Berry - School Kid Connor's Zigzagoon (Route 14)
Sitrus Berry - Teacher Clarice's Zigzagoon (Route 14)
Toxic Orb - Super Nerd Sam's Muk (Route 8)
Sitrus Berry - School Kid Dudley's Oddish (Route 25)
Sitrus Berry - School Kid Joe's Tangela (Route 25)
Sitrus Berry - Lass Laura's Gloom (Route 25)
Sitrus Berry - Misty's Starmie
Sitrus Berry - Brock's Onix
Sitrus Berry - Camper Pedro's (oh god) Linoone (Route 20)
White Herb - All of Blaine's Pokemon
Sitrus Berry - Blue's Pidgeot

EDIT 1: Battle Frontier trainers are here. The list is massive, click on the trainer to see each Pokemon and it's item. It's seriously a lot of Pokémon and trainers.

EDIT 2: No other Johto trainer has any Pokemon that that any items, I literally looked at EVERY TRAINER. Kanto to come in the morning.

All done.

Hope I helped!

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