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What will happen if I use Thief move on a crowned form zacian/zamazenta? Will they transform back to their original form/ Hero of many battles? + Can I steal Hop's Rusted Swo/Shi

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I doubt it, you couldn't remove Mega Stones in past games.
even if you can, i doubt that it would change zacian/zamazenta's form
They can't be knocked Off, so it's likely they can't be stolen by Thief also.

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There is a list of items that are immune to any form of in-battle manipulation:

  • All Mail items (in games where they exist, except Japanese Ruby/Sapphire)
  • All Z-crystal items
  • Griseous Orb, but only if it's held by (or a move's effect would attempt to give it to) Giratina
  • All Plate items, only for Arceus
  • All Drive items, only for Genesect
  • All Mega Stone items, only for the correct user of the stone
  • Red Orb, only for Groudon (in Sw/Sh the Red Orb doesn't exist, and when checking for Groudon's "signature item", what it actually checks for is that it's not holding an item)
  • Blue Orb, only for Kyogre (same disclaimer as above)
  • All Memory items, only for Silvally
  • Rusted Sword, only for Zacian
  • Rusted Shield, only for Zamazenta

If an item meets this signature item check, then Trick and Switcheroo will fail when used by either side; Fling and Bestow fail when used by the holder; Thief, Covet, and Knock Off can still be used by the opponent to deal damage, but won't remove the item; and Pickpocket, Magician, and Symbiosis won't trigger if that trigger would involve the transfer of an item that's considered signature to either side. As most of these are form-changing items, this prevents any possibility that the Pokemon could be forced into an unwelcome form change in the middle of battle.

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