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Stuff like a Chimecho holding a Pure Incense is able to breed and have Chinglings, or Destiny Knots passing down IVs.

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The stuff in this (https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/255760/items-affect-outcome-breeding-held-parent-other-than-incenses) and incenses. At least, that's what it was when it was answered. I would think it's the same now
I don't think this is a duplicate because it asks for incenses.
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Sea Incense: Give to Marill/Azumarill, creates Azurill

Lax Incense, Give to Wobbuffet, creates Wynaut

Rose Incense: Give to Roselia/Roserade, creates Budew

Pure Incense: Give to Chimecho, creates Chingling

Rock Incense: Give to Sudowoodo, creates Bonsly

Odd Incense: Give to Mr. Mime/Mr. Mime-Galar/Mr. Rime, creates Mime Jr.

Luck Incense: Give to Chansey/Blissey, creates Happiny

Wave Incense: Give to Mantine, creates Mantyke

Full Incense: Give to Snorlax, creates Munchlax

Light Ball: Give to either parent, bred Pichu will know Volt Tackle

Any Power item: Bit of a long explanation, check my source

Destiny Knot: Baby inherits 5 IVs

Everstone: Different effects in different generations, check source for specifics. It passes down the Nature, but criteria differs between generations.


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