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What do you mean by that exactly? Like, are you asking for items that'll give you a baby pokemon instead of a regular one? Example: item that'll give you Munchlax from an egg instead of Snorlax. <––Is that what you're asking for?
Sorry, I'm a little confused about the question. That's all

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Incenses for getting some Baby Pokemon

  • Sea for Azurril
  • Lax for Wynaut
  • Rose for Budew
  • Pure for Chingling
  • Rock for Bonsly
  • Odd for Mime.Jr
  • Luck for Happiny
  • Wave for Mantyke
  • Full for Munchlax

    Everstone for passing down Natures

    Give Everstone to Parent and then chance of getting the same nature as the same parent will be 100% in black and white 2

    Power Items for passing down Iv's

    Each power item relates to a specific Iv. For example, when the male parent holds the power anklet, the baby will get the male parents Iv.

I could have missed some.

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You did miss Light Ball.
Also oval charm increases the egg you get, but not sure if thats what he want
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The only item that is related to your question is the item, light ball, if I remember the name correctly. If you make a girl Pikachu hold it and place it in the day care with a male Cherrim, you should get a Pichu that knows Volt Tackle.

This what I know as far as you question goes. I recommend going to Pokemon.com/the game mechanics on the database, or wait for someone else to answer.
Other than that, I can't help you to the extent of your question. I hope this helps anyway.