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If a Pokémon other than Arceus or Genesect knew Judgment or Techno Blast, respectively, would the held items that affect these moves work if that Pokémon held one? This is for White 2, by the way.

Why does this matter? Only Arceus and Genesect can learn their respective moves.
This question is just hypothetical. I'm only wondering if the items take Pokémon using the move into account or just the move. And why'd you flag it? It's not against the rules
I’ve tested using Smeargle with Multi-Attack in the past and found that the move still changes type when Smeargle holds a Memory. I don’t see why it would be different for Judgement or Techno Blast.
I'd appreciate a test using either Judgment or Techno Blast and their respective held items. And my question was for White 2, not Sun and Moon (the games in which Multi Attack was introduced).
I’d figured that it probably wouldn’t have changed between generations, but I suppose that it is fair being dissatisfied with an answer that assumes both that and that Techno Blast / Judgment work like Multi-Attack. Unfortunately I have no way of testing either of those moves in Gen 5, so I’ll just go ahead and convert this to a comment.

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I just tested it in Black 2, Judgment and Techno Blast change types for any Pokémon holding the corresponding item.

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