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Is there a way to increase My Pikachu's base speed by poffins, berry's etc. I have a "brave" nature Pikachu which means its Speed is heavily compromised and it will lag behind in Elite 4 battles. It's speed is just growing by +2 which is unusual considering it's speed is it's highest stat. I've given it "Carbos" but it won't work anymore.

Current Stats lv.20
HP 55/55
Attack 41
Defense 28
Sp. Attack 36
Sp. Defense 27
Speed 46

sack it off , save and catch pikachus until you find one   with modest nature
I think natures aren't that much important in-game :P
yeah even docile will work

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The best way to get Pikachu's speed raised (if Carbos won't work) is battling some wild Pokémons whose EV Yield is Speed such as Zubat and Golbat, Buizel and Floatzel, Pachirisu, Aipom, Buneary, Ponyta etc. This would certainly help you to raise its Speed. You can also use Power Anklet to gain Speed EVs whenever you gain experience, but holding it halves your speed in a battle. If you don't want these difficulties, go on and catch another Pikachu who doesn't have -SpA and -Spe Nature.

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Buy 10 Carbos then use those 10 Carbos on Pikachu then EV Train Speed. This will help on increasing your Pikachu's Speed stat.

Can my Pikachu's speed increase by Power Anklet?
Yeah of course. With your permission, I would like to add this to my answer.