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The question might be confusing. For instance, Tentacruel is a Water / Poison type. It could hit Ground types with its Water STAB move super effectively, but it has Ground Weakness. How many other Dual Types face this disadvantage (excluding Dragon and Ghost)?

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Fire/Water: Ground, Rock
Fire/Electric: Water
Fire/Grass: Rock
Fire/Ice: Ground
Fire/Dragon: Dragon
Water/Electric: Ground
Water/Ice: Grass, Rock
Water/Poison: Ground
Water/Flying: Rock
Water/Bug: Rock
Water/Rock: Ground
Water/Steel: Ground
Electric/Ice: Ground
Electric/Ground: Water
Grass/Fighting: Ice
Grass/Ground: Fire
Grass/Psychic: Poison
Grass/Bug: Rock
Grass/Rock: Bug
Ice/Fighting: Flying, Steel
Ice/Poison: Ground
Ice/Ground: Fire, Grass, Steel
Ice/Rock: Grass, Ground
Ice/Steel: Ground
Fighting/Ground: Ice
Fighting/Flying: Ice
Fighting/Rock: Steel
Fighting/Ghost: Psychic
Fighting/Dragon: Ice, Dragon
Fighting/Fairy: Steel
Poison/Ghost: Psychic, Ghost
Ground/Bug: Fire
Ground/Rock: Ice, Steel
Ground/Steel: Fire
Ground/Fairy: Steel
Flying/Rock: Ice
Psychic/Rock: Bug
Psychic/Fairy: Poison
Bug/Rock: Rock
Rock/Dark: Bug


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I forgot to mention, I thought of Excluding Ghost and Dragon types as this is full of Ghosts and Dragons!
Do you want me to remove all Ghost and Dragon types?
Yes, as it is obvious that Ghost and Dragons are weak to its own type, and I was referring different types. Also, it was to reduce the advantages of Dragon and Ghost to give them their own weaknesses.