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Well, it is annoying if a Lucario, who is of Fighting and Steel typing, has a Fighting type weakness. Nidoking, who is of Poison / Ground typing, has a weakness of Ground type. What are the other dual types who face the similar disadvanage (Excluding Ghost and Dragon)?

Almost, but not exactly similar to this question.

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I didn't understand.
It takes a lot of time, like example looking at Fire Ground gives you a result of being weak to ground
Focus mainly on these types:
Okay, now I am getting an idea...... But Normal type isn't Super Effective to anything!

Edit: I completely analysed Prof's Answer, I would post a new answer in a simpler way.
These are the types that don’t get resisted by their same type. It quickly helps me highlight what types have a high chance of one of the answers you need.

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I’ll try not to repeat
Normal fighting
Fire Ground
Fire Rock
Electric Ground
Grass Flying
Ice Fighting
Ice Rock
Ice Ghost
Ice Dragon
Fighting Rock
Fighting Fairy
Poison Ground
Flying Bug
Flying Rock
Bug Grass
Bug Rock
Bug Dark
Rock Ground
Rock Ghost
Rock Dragon
Literally every type that pairs with Ghost except Normal and Dark will be Super effective
Literally every type that pairs with Ghost except Steel and Fairy will be Super effective, and note that Fairy Dragon is different
Dark Fighting
Dark Bug
Dark Fairy
Ground Steel
Steel Fighting


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Tell me if I repeated or missed out anything
Oops Sorry! Similar to the linked question, pls exclude Ghost and Dragon.
I missed out three types I’ll edit it
Thank you for making me understand.
The second bolded sentence is suppose to be ghost not dragon btw
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Okay, I decided to answer my own question! Credits to ★~ProfDelldell~★!

Focus mainly on these types:
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  • We are considering these because it doesn't resist itself, and thus when paired with a type Super Effective to it, it would be super effective.
  • Example Fighting -> Steel, Fighting doesn't resist itself and hits a Steel type Super Effectively, so Fighting / Steel type faces a Super Effective Damage from a Fighting type move.
  • Excluding Normal as it doesn't hit a type super effectively.

1) Fighting:

  • Fighting / Normal
  • Fighting / Ice
  • Fighting / Rock
  • Fighting / Steel
  • Fighting / Dark

2) Ground:

  • Ground / Fire
  • Ground / Electric
  • Ground / Poison
  • Ground / Rock
  • Ground / Steel

3) Flying:

  • Flying / Grass
  • Flying / Fighting
  • Flying / Bug

4) Bug:

  • Bug / Grass
  • Bug / Psychic
  • Bug / Dark

5) Rock

  • Rock / Fire
  • Rock / Ice
  • Rock / Flying
  • Rock / Bug

6) Fairy:

  • Fairy / Fighting
  • Fairy / Dragon
  • Fairy / Dark
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