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I want to know so I can have a good idea on which Pokemon to use whenever I build teams. I want to know about dual types from Gen 1-8. You don't have to include the Pokemon, just the 4× weaknesses the dual type has.


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Here are the dual types:
Normal/Ice: 4x Fighting
Normal/Rock: 4x Fighting
Normal/Dark: 4x Fighting
Normal/Steel: 4x Fighting
Fire/Electric: 4x Ground
Fire/Ice: 4x Rock
Fire/Poison: 4x Ground
Fire/Flying: 4x Rock
Fire/Bug: 4x Rock
Fire/Rock: 4x Water, Ground
Fire/Steel: 4x Ground
Fire/Ground: 4x Water
Water/Flying: 4x Electric
Water/Ground: 4x Grass
Water/Rock: 4x Grass
Electric/Poison: 4x Ground
Electric/Rock: 4x Ground
Electric/Steel: 4x Ground
Grass/Ice: 4x Fire
Grass/Ground: 4x Ice
Grass/Flying: 4x Ice
Grass/Bug: 4x Fire, Flying
Grass/Fighting: 4x Flying
Grass/Psychic: 4x Bug
Grass/Dark: 4x Bug
Grass/Dragon: 4x Ice
Grass/Steel: 4x Fire
Grass/Fairy: 4x Poison
Ice/Flying: 4x Rock
Ice/Bug: 4x Fire, Rock
Ice/Rock: 4x Steel, Fighting
Ice/Dark: 4x Fighting
Ice/Steel: 4x Fighting, Fire
Ice/Fairy: 4x Steel
Fighting/Poison: 4x Psychic
Fighting/Bug: 4x Flying
Fighting/Dragon: 4x Fairy
Fighting/Dark: 4x Fairy
Poison/Rock: 4x Ground
Poison/Steel: 4x Ground
Ground/Flying: 4x Ice
Ground/Rock: 4x Grass, Water
Ground/Dragon: 4x Ice
Flying/Bug: 4x Rock
Flying/Dragon: 4x Ice
Psychic/Ghost: 4x Dark, Ghost
Psychic/Dark: 4x Bug
Bug/Steel: 4x Fire
Rock/Steel: 4x Fighting, Ground
Rock/Dark: 4x Fighting
Rock/Fairy: 4x Steel
Dragon/Dark: 4x Fairy
Dark/Steel: 4x Fighting
Hope this helps!

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Normal / Dark combination is there - Obstagoon line
Not only that, Alolan Raticate line.
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First, let's look on to the Strength of all the types, then we would look on to the 4x weaknesses.

Normal: None
So no 4x weakness.

Fire: Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel. Now we would be able to check out the 4x weaknesses of Fire:

  • Grass / Ice
  • Grass / Bug
  • Grass / Steel
  • Ice / Bug
  • Ice / Steel
  • Bug / Steel

Water: Fire, Ground, Rock. Water is 4x weakness of:

  • Fire / Ground
  • Fire / Rock
  • Rock / Ground

Grass: Water, Ground, Rock. Grass is 4x weakness of:

  • Water / Ground
  • Water / Rock
  • Rock / Ground

Electric: Water, Flying. Electric is 4x weakness of:

  • Water / Flying

Ice: Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon. Ice is 4x weakness of:

  • Grass / Ground
  • Grass / Flying
  • Grass / Dragon
  • Ground / Flying
  • Ground / Dragon
  • Flying / Dragon

Fighting: Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel. Fighting is 4x weakness of:

  • Normal / Ice (unused)
  • Normal / Rock (unused)
  • Normal / Dark
  • Normal / Steel (unused)
  • Ice / Rock
  • Ice / Dark
  • Ice / Steel
  • Rock / Dark
  • Rock / Steel
  • Dark / Steel

Poison: Grass, Fairy. Poison is 4x weakness of:

  • Grass / Fairy

Ground: Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel. Ground is 4x weakness of:

  • Fire / Electric
  • Fire / Poison
  • Fire / Rock
  • Fire / Steel
  • Electric / Poison
  • Electric / Rock
  • Electric / Steel
  • Poison / Rock
  • Poison / Steel (unused)
  • Rock / Steel

Flying: Grass, Fighting, Bug. Flying is 4x weakness of:

  • Grass / Fighting
  • Grass / Bug
  • Fighting / Bug

Psychic: Fighting, Poison. Psychic is 4x weakness of:

  • Fighting / Poison

Bug: Grass, Psychic, Dark. Bug is 4x weakness of:

  • Grass / Psychic
  • Grass / Dark
  • Psychic / Dark

Rock: Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug. Rock is 4x weakness of:

  • Fire / Ice
  • Fire / Flying
  • Fire / Bug
  • Ice / Flying
  • Ice / Bug
  • Flying / Bug

Ghost: Psychic / Ghost. Ghost is 4x weakness of:

  • Psychic / Ghost

Dragon: Dragon is the only strength of it and it can't be paired. So no 4x Dragon weakness.

Dark: Same as Ghost.

Steel: Ice, Rock, Fairy. Steel is 4x weakness of:

  • Ice / Rock
  • Ice / Fairy
  • Rock / Fairy

Fairy: Fighting, Dragon, Dark. Fairy is 4x weakness of:

  • Fighting / Dragon
  • Fighting / Dark
  • Dragon / Dark

Hope this helps :)

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