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So in "Mix And Mega" I want to make a legendary Pokemon with 1 weakeness by giving them a mega stone of a Pokemon with the same type of them and has one weakness, For example : I want to make yveltal have one weakness so lets say that there's a Pokemon with dark/flying type and mega evolves to a dark/ghost Pokemon or a dark/poison Pokemon, Ok? I will give his mega stone to yveltal to make it have one weakness. Ok that's the end I hope you understand, Sorry for the poor explanation or any grammer mistakes :C

You could probably ask this on smogon
There are megas that have only one weakness, but I don’t think there’s any that share the same type as a legendary.
if you mega evolve into sableye it would be dark ghost with magic bounce
Regular Sableye is dark ghost, so Sablenite doesn't change the holder's type.
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First, I'm assuming the type chart is always true.
type chart
Most mega stones don't change the holder's type. For example, a Steelixite Greedent remains normal type and has one weakness. I don't want to list all the Pokemon with one weakness and all the mega stones that keep their one weakness, but I can put this question back onto the unanswered list if you tell me this answer is incomplete.

The only allowed mega stones that change the holder's type are Aggronite, Altarianite, Ampharosite, Audinite, Charizardite X, Gyaradosite, Lopunnite, Mewtwonite X, Pinsirite, and Sceptilite, so the only possible type changes are -secondary, +fairy, +dragon, +dark, +fighting, and +flying.
I'm pretty sure it's impossible for a fairy, dragon, fighting, or flying Pokemon to have exactly one weakness, so all answers must use either -secondary or +dark.

-secondary (Aggronite): Hoothoot family, Pidove family, Diggersby, Stufful family, Kantonian Farfetch'd, Rufflet family, Oranguru, Drampa, Alolan Raichu, Toxel family, Helioptile family, Morpeko, Togedemaru, Rotom, Dracozolt, Arctozolt
+dark (Gyaradosite): Trubbish family, Croagunk family, Salandit family, Koffing, Kantonian Weezing, Skorupi, Mareanie family, Drifloon family, Duskull family, Gastly, Haunter, Pumpkaboo family, Galarian Corsola, Cursola, Litwick family, Mimikyu, Unova Yamask, Cofagrigus, Sinistea family, Phantump family, Dhelmise

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Ok, I will take this as a complete answer, Thanks for the attention!
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