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Just wondering. Mew's been asking lots of weakness questions lately.

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Actually it's not a 6x weakness. Paras & Parasect are 4x weak to Fire. With Dry Skin this increases by 25% which makes it a 5x weakness (4x1.25). In bright sunlight, Fire does 50% more damage, which makes it effectively 5x1.5 = 7.5x normal damage.

And yes, those are the only two Pokemon that will take that much damage from a standard move without other boosts (although I would consider the weather condition the same type of boost as increasing Attack from Swords Dance).

Incidentally, Thick Fat ability does allow Walrein to take 1/8 normal damage from Ice (the lowest without being 0).

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A Scizor with Forest Curse, Fire is 8x effective.
under sun its 9x5
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Yes, I know I have!
There is one more.
Paras would too, with Dry Skin and Sun.