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Why Does It Have White Eyes Why The Large Mushroom?

Please Answer.....

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Could you be more specific?
best description and info in question ever.
I believe this is a fungal infection, you should bathe your Parasect at least twice a week!
Dry Skin+bath. :D
^ Immaturity at its finest. Also, that doesn't make a lick of sense :|

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I think he's a zombie taken over by the mushroom.

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Acutally Parasect does have some kind of virusy-origins :O
Well actually parasitic. Parasect is described as under the full control of a Parasite named Tochukaso (in real life also known as a caterpillar fungus or to be scientific Ophiocordyceps sinensis). Not going to write an essay on its life, reproduction and everything you can just google that :D. Also apparently its drained of all its nutrients (This gives me the creeps >.<)
The reason why it looks like it is (big mushroom and all) is because the tochukaso has affected its growth making a a more grotesque and wierd version of its pre-evolution Paras.
Its pincers and legs have grown alot larger and the mushrooms on its back grew together into one big, fat mushroom (probably not very tasty either). Its eyes are pure white, apparently resembling those of a zombie and presumably from the influence of the tochukaso.

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So I'm actually commanding a possessed Pokemon in battle? 0.0 And fighting with a parasite?
Where did you find that out?
from the Pokedex entries (i think)
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It doesn't have a virus... that's the way Game Freak designed it, sort of a mushroom insect thing.

Hope I helped! :)