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If I leave a Pokemon that had the Pokerus out and it looses it but I have another in my PC that still has it, if I put them both in my party will it become re-infected?

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no, unfortunately, pokemon can only get the pokerus once, but that doesn't matter cuz if a pokemon loses the pokerus, the effects last forever, including the double evs. Congrats on the pokerus, in my ss, i have it oo, boy is it helpful for trainign!

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no. .because if it have the pokerus before and now it's gone it will be immune, and thus can't be infected by pokerus again. . .to know is check your pokemon's summary and look at the image/picture if there is a face like a smiley it is now immune

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No you can't. Though you will get the special effect for that pokemon it won't ever spread again.

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